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Our Services

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Lemon Social provides a wide range of professional services aimed at serving each client by using specific optimizing strategies based on their goals and their industry. We look forward to helping you find your brand’s unique voice through the services offered below.

Close-up photo of a vibrant yellow lemon, representing freshness, zest, and natural beauty.
Close-up photo of a vibrant yellow lemon, representing freshness, zest, and natural beauty.
Celebratory image of a "Just Sold" sign in front of a beautiful home, showcasing successful real estate services.

Real Estate

That Welcome Home Feeling

We carefully formulate a unique approach in crafting images and films to elevate your brand and help your clients imagine themselves in their forever home. At Lemon Social, we believe in a high standard of service and capturing that welcome home feeling.

 Close-up photo of hands typing on a keyboard for active social media management and content creation.

Social Media Management

Showcase What Sets You Apart

With our Lemon Social marketing team, you can reach your perfect audience based on location, interest, and age. And we don’t just set it and forget it. We constantly analyze and adjust your digital campaign so you get the most out of your followers.

High-quality commercial media photography capturing brand essence and visual storytelling for effective marketing and brand a

Commercial Media

Get Talked about for All the Right Reasons

Your brand is the most valuable commodity your business has and how it is presented to the world is the key to long-term, sustained success in the market. The high-quality, professional corporate videography offered at Lemon Social will help you grow your business by highlighting your online presence, increasing your brand awareness, and driving your target audience to your website. 

Aerial view captured by a drone, featuring stunning landscapes or properties, unique perspective offered by drone services.

Drone Services

The Sky Is No Longer the Limit

Bring outsized attention, value, and spectacular drama to the property you’re selling or the product you’re promoting, with stunning HD custom drone videos and aerial photography shot with 4K UltraHD camera technology!

floor Detailed floor plan illustration with vibrant colors, highlighting precision and accuracy in residential measurement se

Residential Measuring Standard

A Realtor's Best Friend

Providing colourful, precision floor plans.  We leverage advanced technology to bring your listings to life—and your reputation to the next level. We use vibrant and memorable colours in our floor plans, so your listings stand out in a competitive market, sparing no details. Our floor plan services help your buyers envision themselves in the listing. 

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